Certified Firearms Training Inc.

Providing firearms and tactics training for Police, Military, and Private Security

Welcome to the working family of Certified Firearms Training Inc. (CFTI).

In considering our organization, you have taken the initiative in obtaining the finest training available for your at-risk personnel. CFTI prides itself on providing the best and most up-to-date firearms, tactical and critical incident training available in Canada.  Since 2004, this has been our single objective. We do nothing else.

These services are available to law enforcement, military and security clients in both the public and private sectors. 

Our mission is simple: to give our students the best possible chance of surviving a violent, deadly force confrontation.

All of our Instructors are current or former serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces from Combat Arms Trades, Police Officers with decades of experience including Armed Close Protection, and Armed Security Personnel. All are kept current in the latest available tactics and techniques involving the use of force and firearms.

We are members of the following outstanding organizations…

IALEFI – International Assoc. of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

NRA- National Rifle Association of America – Certified Instructors

NRA LEAD – NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division – Instructors

NFA- National Firearms Association of Canada

Certified by the Chief Provincial Firearms Officer for Ontario

In addition to provincially certified training for those employed in the armed security industry, we offer annual re-qualification courses involving intensive reinforcement of skills. We are qualified to teach first-aid, weapon retention, handcuff and baton, and Close Protection to the Security Industry.

Our Staff has been providing curriculum development to the Canadian Forces, both as Subject Material Experts and hands on through the delivery of Operational Shooting programs at the Unit and Formation level across the Canadian Forces. We have personally taught Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen from all across Canada on numerous occasions, and we maintain a network of affiliations in order to continually refine our course material. CFTI is the only private agency that is currently approved for the delivery of such training through The Department of National Defense.

CFTI is approved to deliver the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course, as well as relevant examinations. Our Chief Instructor is a member of the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario (FSESO).

To further enhance the content CFTI offers, our instructors have taken additional training in areas such as Violent Confrontation De-escalation and Group Crisis Intervention.

Our goal is to establish and maintain long term relationships with all of our clients, based on trust and respect. We provide the highest quality services, economically, which will support our position at the head of our industry. We have earned our reputation within the community, not simply published it. We promote safety, proficiency and preparedness, rather than our own accomplishments or image. Our level of service includes security of information and close co-operation with regulatory bodies. Above all else, we will support our students, irrespective of profit margins, time constraints or competitive personal agendas.

To this end, CFTI operates regular practice sessions at our private range facility for all of our Alumni and those employed while armed. We also schedule advanced level courses at our affiliate facility, which are open to all of our professional students.